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Hello, and welcome to my website. I'm Thomas Sales, but for more about me, consult "about us". This website is where I review the week's latest single releases. I got started after I discovered that I enjoyed reviewing single releases: it was February 2016, and I saw an advert for a then-unlaunched Kingston College magazine. I sent a couple of weeks of reviews up for consideration, but was told that due to a lack of writers they couldn't launch it and it wasn't the sort of thing they wanted to publish on the website. In addition, they wouldn't be able to publish an issue before September 2016, by which time I would have finished my Access course and moved on to University. I've since started reviewing the week's single releases here. I don't do video releases for two reasons because doing so would make this site elitist, and in either case video releases don't necessarily coincide with music releases. In addition, I don't review album or film releases because I wouldn't have time for anything else - and frankly as of 1 July 2016 I have no idea whether or not my attendance at university will give me enough time to keep this up once I start it! I do, however, note any records that we have reviewed that have made it on to the UK Singles Chart; we only give the numbers where the record has been released the previous week, where it has entered/exited the chart or it has achieved a new peak. For my assorted ramblings, see "reviews" or "contact us" to contact me but for chats, use Facebook or *shudder* Twitter (@Thomas__Sales). (I also own @Launchballer, but that is a corrections account.)

Although this site is entirely my writing, I have my sister and Dad look at this to ensure the absence of libel and factual inaccuracies respectively. Dad owns his website which you may be interested in: The Duchy of Effenhauer.

As of 18 July 2016, I take my chart information from The Official Charts Company. Although Wikipedia is obviously not a reliable source, when establishing chart summaries we check their information against theirs for two reasons:

We only ever use reliable sources that we are happy to admit to using; if we don't, either we got it from The Official Charts Company or we made a mistake, in which case please contact us so we can print a correction.

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