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Hello, I'm Thomas Michael William Patrick Sales of North Cheam, London. I'm 21 years old, have a sister called Genefer and a father called Michael, and have sent the last few years bouncing around assorted educational establishments - seven years at Overton Grange School with the intention of going to university immediately afterwards, though said plans were thwarted by the loss of my mother, my consequent mental health problems and the intolerance of said issues by the school - a year at Sutton College (then Scola) studying level 2 in bookkeeping and SAGE - a year at Kingston College studying Access to Business and from September 2016 I'm reading Mathematics with Foundation Year at Kingston University. I hope to become a Professor in the subject.

I am Launchballer across the web, including on Wikipedia, where I have edited on-and-off since 22 May 2008 (using that account since 28 April 2009 and constructively since 7 March 2013), on Wikia (with substantial contribution to both the Sonic News Network and Fantendo) and I exist on various other platforms across the internet. The name actually comes from Launchball, a game created by the Science Museum (I was a 13 year old with Asperger syndrome, don't ask…), and not - as it genuinely has been suggested - because I launch (the careers of) ballers. (My schoolmates were a dubious lot…)

Oh, and I'm a member of a Scrabble club - we meet at 1pm on Saturdays in Sutton library.

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